Artists information:

Artomatico: Direction, live electroacoustic music. Sequencers, samplers, electribes, noise

Guest artists: Dancer / Percussionist /Melodic instrument


‘Electroflamenco’ live performance, is not just a stage proposal from the album ‘Electroflamenco’, because this album is the consequence of a live project started by Artomatico in 2008, in permanent evolution and in collaboration with live musicians and dancers. in this case, I have wanted to meet electronics and all the new world of sound of technology, with the traditional music from my country, Spain. The idea was to find a common point, a language, to start a new exploration into the possibilities of live electronics and flamenco. This led old flamenco to an extreme avant-garde sound, not fighting against up its tradition but trying to explore in its essence and meanings. All of the sound work stems from the genre’s rhythmic body, from the soleá, seguiriya, tangos, bulerías. And if even so the rules were questioned, bridging the gap between history and the future are the voices of La Niña de los Peines, Rafael Romero, Juan Talega… and even the samples of footwork of Carmen Amaya and other historic sounds treated, transformed, deconstructed… The album ‘Electroflamenco’ contains 10 studio track plus a live improvisation. The live show knocks the experiment up a notch.

As a live concert, the stage has to be a setting where music happens. Everyday we provoke a different situation with different results. And that means of freedom and improvisation, make it an unique experience every time, every concert. The machines pave the way for dialogue, an open dialogue in strung-together jam sessions, participated in by the multicultural percussions of Nacho Arimany, the melodic instruments of guests artist ( jazz or flamenco instruments) and the prodigious dance of some of the best contemporary flamenco dancers. Artomatico ‘Electroflamenco’ is a ‘space for communication and improvisation based on the rhythm of flamenco styles’





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