“Electroflamenco 3.0” is a stage work in trio format where the live electronics and sound art of Artomatico open a space of creation, comunity and dialogue with the flamenco dance of Paula Comitre and the contemporary sax of Juan M. JIménez

Spanish musical tradition – flamenco as well as classical avantgarde music – define the fertile soil where to trigger the unique language of this trio. The three artists perform, sample the music, process it, mixing and transcending it.  This is an auditive, visual, and emotional experience in deep artistic harmony. Physicalness and abstraction, avantgarde and tradition, experiments and dialogues are the elements of this three-dimensional playground. The flamenco rhythms take us on a journey without borders that is made up of communication, experimentation, improvisation, respect, sensitivity , past, future, and, most of all, freedom.



More than a decade ago, Daniel Muñoz, under his alias, Artomático, started experimenting with the possibilities of a dialogue between electronic music and flamenco. Growing out of a career as a drummer, sound engineer and producer, his debut album Electroflamenco was released in 2015, following several years of intense work. Daniel Muñoz created his own musical world with sequencers, samples, programming, rhythms, and sound, based on talks and experiments with dancers, musicians, and singers. Since then, this artistic work has undergone a continual evolution. Most recently, in 2020, Artomático teamed up with dancer Paula Comitre and saxophonist Juan M. Jiménez in a trio format for the concert ‘Electroflamenco 3.0’


Electronic music, artistic direction
Paula Comitre
Sax and pedals
Juan M. Jiménez
Paula Comitre
Musical direction
Artomático, Juan M. Jiménez

Light design
Antonio Valiente
F.O.H mix
Chipi Cacheda
Production and distribution





‘Tremor’ reviewed in France by Boulimequedemusique

The Spanish artist proposes an instrumental work with exploratory electronic sounds. Extremely atmospheric and musically mestizo, this piece captivates the attention with its shadowy atmosphere. Of great sound richness, this is a piece full of emotions, subtleties and intensity. Boulimequedemusique, may 2022 L’artiste espagnol propose une œuvre instrumentale aux sonorités électroniques exploratoires. Extrêmement atmosphérique et [...]

‘Tremor’ reviewed in Brasil by Playfonic

With a slow start, the music of Artomático’s ‘El Grito en el Cielo’ is an electronic instrumental with vocal melodies that add intensity and atmosphere. The artist combines traditional elements of Spanish flamenco with current ones, generating an intense and provocative atmosphere. A great song

‘Tremor’ destacado en Rhythm Passport como descubrimiento del día

'Tremor' destacado en Rhythm Passport como descubrimiento del día

‘Tremor’ featured in Rhythm Passport as daily discovery

'Tremor' featured in Global Beats as daily discovery

Hodierno (David Lagos). Music production and album mix. Live electronics

David Lagos 'Hodierno' - Third solo album by singer David Lagos Music production and album mix: Artomático Musicians: David Lagos (singer), Alfredo Lagos (guitar), Juan Jiménez (sax), Artomático ( Electronics, sampling, drums) Artomático, Juan Jiménez, David Lagos and Alfredo Lagos in the premiere of 'Hodierno' for the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2018. Photo © [...]

Hilo Roto. Music composition and sound design

Hilo Roto, by La Venidera Dance Company Direction: Albert Hernández Lledó and Irene Tena Choreographies: Albert Hernández Lledó, Irene Tena, Eduardo Martínez Music and sound design: Daniel Muñoz, 'Artomático' Premiered in Madrid, Spain, 25th april 2019

Artomatico “Electroflamenco” in France. Scène de Musiques Actuelles de Nîmes Métropole “Paloma”. January 15th, 2018

Nimes, France. 15th January 2018: “Electroflamenco” by Artomatico and guest artists, David Coria (dance) and Diego Villegas Gomez (sax, clarinet) is performed in the Scène de Musiques Actuelles de Nîmes Métropole “Paloma”, France.  9 P.M.

CLAROSCURO. Direction and live electronic music by Artomatico

Ángel Muñoz – Claroscuro Artistic direction: Artomático Live music: Artomático, Diego Villegas, Miguel Ortega Choreographer, dancer: Ángel Muñoz Prodution: Ángel Muñoz / Daniel Muñoz Premeried at Festival de Jerez 2017.  Spain. March 6th 2017. Teatro Villamarta ‘Claroscuro’ is the new work by flamenco dancer Ángel Muñoz,  with the artistic direction of Artomatico, the dance blends his vocabulary into the […]

Videoart – Galmatopeia

'Galmatopeia',  by Melania Olcina (2015) Editing and photography: Ainara Nieves Music: Artomatico. Melania Olcina, es Licenciada en Historia del Arte por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Graduada en Danza Contemporánea por el Real Conservatorio de danza Mariemma de Madrid.  De aquí nace su interés por crear un lenguaje corporal que relacione la danza y [...]

DANZA 220V. Music composition and sound design. Live electronic music

Estévez/Paños/Ruz, Artomatico y Sandra Carrasco Musical direction, live electronic music : Artomatico Coreography, direction : Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños, Antonio Ruz Singer : Sandra Carrasco Lightning design : Agnethe Tellefsen Danza 220V in Rotterdam, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, january 2015. Artomatico, Antonio Ruz, David Coria, Valeriano Paños. Photo © Félix Vázquez Sinopsis La danza de Rafael Estévez, Valeriano [...]


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