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Artomático is the alias of Daniel Muñoz Pantiga, Spanish musician and composer specialized in electronic music and sound art, as well as a percussionist, producer, sound engineer and audiovisual artist. The singular proposal of this multidisciplinary artist, who works on both avant-garde creation and tradicional music projects, is reflected in both studio recordings and live performances. As solo artist, he has published the albums ‘Electroflamenco’ (2006), ‘Kinética’ (2020) and ‘Tremor’ (2022), from whose repertoires derive the live shows ‘Artomático + Flamenco’, with which he debuted under this alias in Barcelona in 2008; and ‘Electroflamenco 3.0’, which he has already taken to theater and auditoriums in Spain and Europe, with the dancer Paula Comitre and the saxophonist Juan M. Jiménez as guests.

As a record producer and sound engineer, a facet that began as drummer in independent rock, his work stands out on the album ‘Hodierno’ (2019) by singer David Lagos, finalist for the MIN Independent Music Awards, to which he also contributes with electronics and drums, plus lyrics such as “El Pregón del Miedo”

In collaboration with other artists, he has participated as a creator and performer in shows such as ‘Danza 220v’ with Estévez, Paños and Ruz; ‘Fandango!’ by David Coria & David Lagos (work premiered at the Théâtre Chaillot in Paris recognized as Best Show at the Seville Biennial and the Jerez Festival); or ‘Claroscuro’ by Ángel Muñoz, which he also directed and was performed in countries such as China, Germany, France and Finland. On commission, he has created the music and sound design for dance works such as ‘Preflamencos’ by Estévez & Paños; ‘Transmutación’ and ‘Ojo’ by Antonio Ruz (RNE Critical Eye Award and National Dance Award 2018); ‘Hilo Roto’ by the company La Venidera; ‘Recelo’ by Rafael Ramírez; or ‘Jaranda’ by dancer Irene Naranjo.

Among his most recent works, stands out his participation in the musical and artistic creation of the ‘De lo Humano’ by dancer David Coria; the external view on ‘Imperfecto’ by David Coria and Jann Gallois, premiered at Chaillot (Paris); as well as the music of Coria’s ‘Humano’ dance performance in the same Parisian theater. In 2023 his compositions have been included in the work ‘Demetra’ by Frank Fannar and Javier R. Cobos of the contemporary dance company Musiktheater Im Revier. Furthermore, in the audiovisual field, he composed the music for two videoart pieces by Melania Olcina, National Dance Prize 2023, and has recently signed the musical composition and sound design for the documentary ‘Puerto’ by Remedios Malvárez, the original music by the promotional campaign for the Malaga Biennial and has collaborated with composer Manuel Bustos, as sound designer and electronic musician for the soundtrack of the documentary about the Spanish National Ballet ‘Todo un pasado por delante’ directed by Manuel Belmonte. In the educational field, he is a guest teacher at Esmuc in Barcelona and at the School of Creative Music in Madrid, among other art centers.

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